Plans Plus is proud to offer a true one-stop paraplanning and back-office administration support service to our clients.

We offer three distinct service levels:

Plans Plus Back-Office (PPBO)

Plans Plus Back-Office service can cost-effectively complete any administrative functions for your business including, but not limited to:

Plans Plus Lite (PPL)

Plans Plus Lite is a no-frills and extremely cost-effective SoA-writing only service. Typical documents prepared under the Plans Plus Lite service would include:

Plans Plus Premium (PPP)

Plans Plus Premium is a traditional, comprehensive full-service paraplanning offering.

Plans Plus Premium staff are all senior paraplanners with a minimum of three years’ experience writing SoA for a variety of Licensees.

Services offered by our PPP service include:

The table below outlines typical SoA documents written under both the Plans Plus Lite and Plans Plus Premium services:

Strategy Plans Plus Lite Plans Plus Premium *
Risk Management
Income Protection Cover
Trauma Cover
Buy/Sell/Other Business Insurance
Investment Switch Only
Investment Switch Recommendations
CGT Calculations/Minimisation
Super Rollover/Consolidation
Salary Sacrifice
Personal Concessional Contributions
Non-concessional contributions
Spouse contributions
SMSF Establishment
UK Pension Transfers
Defined benefit super (modelling)
Constitutionally Protected Funds (modelling or recommendations)
Small Business CGT Concessions
Retirement capital adequacy projections
Contributions to untaxed funds to change tax components
Recontribution strategies
Anti-detriment payments
Income Streams
Account Based Pensions
Transition to Retirement
Immediate annuities
Miscellaneous Other Strategies
Managed Funds – both lump sum and ongoing contributions
Establishment of an emergency fund
Estate planning (includes Wills, EPAs & BDBN)
Income Support Entitlements
Aged Care Accommodation strategies
Agribusiness Projects
Debt Recycling
Salary Packaging (Non-Super)
Fringe Benefits Tax or FBT Concessions
Redundancy Payments (either Calculations or Tax Implications)
Capital Gains Tax Calculations
Single SoAs Incorporating Recommendations for Multiple Entities (excluding couples)
Establishment of Entities (eg: SMSF, Trust or Company)
Modelling ≤ 5 yrs (Individual/Couple) – Single Scenario
Modelling ≤ 5 yrs (Individual/Couple) – Multiple Scenarios
Modelling ≤ 5 yrs (SMSF/Trust/Company)
Modelling ≥ 5 yrs (Individual/Couple or Other Entity)

*Please note that the list of available strategies for Plans Plus Premium is not exhaustive.